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Fajita Station Cast Iron griddle tortilla warma and serving tray

Acacia serving tray with 8" ceramic tortilla warmer, 8" cast iron skillet, and three ceramic garnish dishes. 18" x 14"

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JP's OPINION     cool cool cool cool cool     To be honest with you, I wasn't sure, I thought maybe I was picking this one because I love Mexican Food, Fajita's sizzling straight off the grill...mmmmmm. This is a new Item for us, so I needed to take a closer look and all I found was a GREAT PRODUCT! Every thing has it's little niche to sit in from the tortilla warmer, cast iron skillet to the 3 ceramic dishes for your onions, cilantro and cheese. MAN I'M GETTING HUNGRY WRITING THIS REVIEW!

FAJITA STATION CAST IRON GRIDDLE measures 18'' x 14'' For the true fajita lover here's the Acacia wood serving tray with an 8" ceramic tortilla warmer, an 8" cast iron skillet, and three ceramic garnish dishes.

Avocados, limes, salsa, onions, cilantro, sour cream, cheese or any other garnish..... no included!

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Care Instructions:

Surface wash wood base with a damp cloth. To prevent wood from warping and cracking, do not submerge in water. Tools and glass lid are not dishwasher safe. Hand wash tools and glass lid; do not soak; towel dry.